Don’t Wait for Old Stumps to Rot Away

stump from a huge tree

Whether you’ve recently had a tree cut down or you’re dealing with an old stump on your property, it’s a very good idea to get it ground out. When a stump is ground out, the top of it will be covered with soil. You’ll probably also have a sizable layer of wood chips to spread […]

Common Hazards of Tree Trimming and How Experts Avoid Them

forestry worker at work

Tree trimming is a necessary part of home maintenance, but it comes with certain risks. That’s why it’s best to leave it up to the experts. Professional tree trimmers are familiar with the common hazards of their work and how to minimize them. Here are some of the most common risks associated with tree trimming […]

7 Tips for Safe Stump Grinding Near Underground Utilities

A Stump Grinding Machine Removing a Stump from Cut Down Tree

Stump grinding, while a necessary task for landowners and landscapers, comes with significant risks when performed near underground utilities. Accidental disruption to these services can lead to costly repairs, service disruptions, and worker safety hazards. The state government and individual utility companies highly regulate undercover utility work. Here are some safety practices that can minimize […]

How to Keep Trees Safe During Fire Season

Forest Landscape Before and After Fire

Fire is one of nature’s most destructive forces and can devastate the environment. Trees are especially vulnerable to fire, so homeowners must take extra precautions during fire season. Here are a few tips for keeping your trees safe during this time of year. Turn Off Outdoor Power Sources During fire season, it’s important to turn […]