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Emergency Tree Service & Storm Cleanup In Spokane

Call Curtis Point Tree Service if a tree is in risk of falling and damaging your property, your property has suffered the effects of a storm, or trees and branches have already fallen. We can help all your emergency tree care and storm cleanup needs in Spokane. As soon as we can, we’ll help put your home back to normal. Call 509-565-8403 to learn more about our services today.

Severe Weather-Caused Tree or Branch Damage

The trees in your yard are vulnerable to storm damage all year long. Trees and branches are destroyed by storms, precipitation, lightning, snow, and ice. Vehicles, buildings, and storage facilities are all vulnerable to damage by falling branches.

Roots and Branches Threaten Your Home's Structure

Dangerously hanging branches should be removed before they damage your roof, windows, or other property. Same goes for tree roots near your home. If roots lift patio stones and other hard surfaces, your home’s foundation may be damaged.

Tree Leans Heavily to One Side

Depending on the circumstances around the leaning tree, it might be a threat or not. It may be secure if it has been leaning for a while without toppling over. Still, it’s best to have an arborist take a look at it.

There’s a risk of collapse if the tree is leaning, growing at an angle, or has cracks and uprooting. Contact Curtis Point Tree Service immediately if you need an emergency tree service in Spokane to remove it.

Limbs or Roots Threaten Your Neighbor's Home

Remove a tree from your property if you suspect that it, or its roots, might cause harm to a neighbor’s home. In the event you need tree emergency services in Spokane, Curtis Point Tree Service is available to provide assistance.

An Appearance of Illness or Disease in the Trees

Trees that have been infected with a disease will eventually become weak, and their branches will be more likely to break off, putting your family and your property in risk. 

Because diseases carried by trees can be transmitted to other trees in the vicinity, it is critical that infected trees be removed as soon as possible. Arborists have the ability to remove problematic trees while also preventing the spread of disease. 

Insects, fungi, and other organisms may progressively cause harm to trees from the inside out. The only option available is to have a tree removed from the property by a Spokane emergency tree care service, such as Curtis Point Tree Service.

A Number of Branches Have Broken Off

If a limb breaks off a tree, you can usually just clip it off without harming the tree. However, without enough branches, a tree would eventually perish. 

The tallest and strongest branch, often known as the tree’s leader, is crucial to the tree’s overall form, vitality, and steadiness.

When more than half of a tree’s branches are lost, it cannot produce enough leaves to survive until the next growth season.

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