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Stump Grinding In Spokane

Getting your tree removed isn’t necessarily the end of your tree problem. If you have a leftover stump sticking out of your yard, Curtis Point Tree Service can help. We offer stump grinding services in the Cheney & Spokane, WA area and will make your yard as good as new again. The process is simple:
You’ll be able to reclaim the space for a new landscaping project or simply enjoy the boost to your curb appeal. Schedule stump grinding services when you contact us now.


Stump removal is about more than just looks. Leaving a stump in your yard can lead to all kinds of problems down the road. If your stump starts rotting, it can spread disease and harm other plants in your yard. Stumps also attract pests and can be become a nest for termites, ants and beetles. Removing your stump can help keep your yard safe and healthy.

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