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Trees fallen on house roof

Properly Trimmed Trees Can Save You Money

Most homeowners know that keeping their trees trimmed is not only better for the trees but also protects their homes from potential damage caused by storms. When there’s a lot of wind, untrimmed and dead benches can become projectiles, causing serious and costly damage. But, then again, who wants to climb up and trim them? That’s where we come at Curtis Point Tree Service in Spokane.

Why Choose a Professional Tree Service?

Thinning the foliage of your trees and pruning them ensures that wind can flow freely through them, reducing the possibility of uprooting. So, professionally trimmed trees are much less likely to fall. It’s possible to save money while also providing beauty, shade, and habitat for wildlife by maintaining certain strategically placed trees on your property. Our professional team at Curtis Point Tree Service in Spokane knows all about this and can help you to understand everything you need to know about the trees on your property.

Prevention vs. Repairs

It’s always much better to intentionally trim your tree limbs instead of simply allowing them to come crashing down by themselves, which can leave you holding the bag for some major repair bills. By having your trees professionally trimmed, you can rest assured that your property is free of potential hazards such as broken or dead tree limbs.

Tree trimming also supports healthy growth, so you can expect your trees to reach their full expected lifespan. At Curtis Point Tree Service, we also offer free estimates for even more savings on trimming and pruning and other tree care services.

More About Storm Preparation in Spokane

The west winds in Spokane, WA, can be quite strong. There are also often dangerously low temperatures and freezing rain, ice, and sleet in addition to strong winds during winter storms. That’s why you should always keep your trees trimmed, but it’s especially important before an impending storm. Heavy winds can send branches into windows and even cause entire trees to topple on your house. Keeping trees trimmed and taking other steps will ensure that you’re not facing costly repair bills after a storm. Here are a few additional storm-prepping tips to help you to be ready for any storm in Spokane:

  • Consider removing gates and trellises in the face of a strong storm.
  • Secure or take any hanging pots inside.
  • Secure the young trees in your yard using stakes.
  • Secure any bromeliads, orchids, and staghorn ferns with fishing line.
  • Take in or securely tie up any piles of construction or other yard debris.
  • Take all outdoor items inside (furniture, grills, tiki torches, toys, etc.)

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