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Enhance Your Property With Spring Tree Removal

Get a head start on your spring cleaning by cutting down one or more of the trees on your property. If one or more of your trees is dead or dying, it needs to be promptly removed. Along with preventing damage to your home, removing a dead tree should improve the health of nearby shrubs, trees, and grass.

Why You Should Obtain Spring Tree Removal Services

When the temperatures fall and the winter arrives, trees can be damaged by inclement weather. Along with shedding leaves, it’s common for trees to be impacted by pests and diseases that take root during the winter. If a tree in your yard is dead or dying, your best option is to have it removed.

The reason trees are often damaged during the winter isn’t because of the freezing temperatures. Instead, these issues are caused by severe and sudden temperature fluctuations. If the weather becomes unseasonably warm, your trees are more likely to be damaged.

The combination of snow and ice can also be harmful. Your trees should remain healthy whenever there’s a light dusting. However, an excessive amount of snow can weigh down the tree’s branches and cause other health issues. If too much ice accumulates, cracks might form.

Signs of Damage to Look For

You can decide if spring tree removal is necessary by looking for signs of major damage. For example, if you find multiple large branches on your lawn, it’s possible that your tree has become fragile and needs to be removed. Once the spring arrives, you’ll be able to detect how much damage has been done to your trees.

If frost is affecting the trees in your yard, look for foliage that has turned black or brown. Eventually, the foliage should drop by itself. However, full tree removal may be necessary if a large portion of the tree is affected. Some of the additional signs that you should request spring tree removal services include the following:

  • Serious damage around the trunk
  • Vertical cracks
  • Open cavities
  • Bark peeling
  • Dead branch stubs
  • Stunted tree growth

Importance of Working With a Professional

Cutting down trees should only be done by an experienced and trusted professional who has the skills required to avoid damaging your home or the yard itself. Make sure you don’t hire an unlicensed contractor for this job. If they sustain an injury while removing the tree, you could be held liable for their medical bills. Working with a professional spring tree removal team allows you to get rid of a dead or dying tree without delay.

If you’re concerned about the health of one or more of the trees in your yard, it’s a good idea to seek tree removal services. You’ll be able to improve the appearance of your property and mitigate the risk of the tree falling and damaging your home. If you’re a resident of Spokane, WA and you would like to schedule spring tree removal for your home, call Curtis Point Tree Service today.

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