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Start Assessing and Cleaning up Trees on Your Commercial Property Before They Leaf Out

The trees on your commercial property are often the first things potential clients see as they pull into your parking lot. Trees that are in good shape, whether they’re a single tree with a large, shady canopy or a row of trees that serve as a windbreak, may not catch the notice of an observer. However, trees that are in bad condition, with broken branches or dead leaves in summer, will not reflect well on your business.

Assessment and Basic Care

If you have deciduous trees on your property, winter is the time to start assessing them. A skilled arborist can check out the canopy and determine what branches should be trimmed. If a large amount of weight needs to be removed from the tree, doing it while the tree is dormant will promote healthier growth in the spring.

At one point in time, there was a practice of planting just one variety of trees along commercial streets. Unfortunately, this has led to problems in mature trees. One single pest can quickly do a great deal of damage to all the trees in an entire neighborhood. If you have trees that need to come out, our skilled arborists can help you choose the best variety to replace diseased or damaged trees.

Weather Concerns

An overcrowded tree that needs to be trimmed can suffer terrible damage in strong winds. Worse, strong winds often rip or tear away branches, damaging the healthy tissue in the trunk of the tree and increasing your risk of pests, fungi, and bacteria growth.

Before spring winds fire up and your trees start to bud, get an arborist to look at the canopy. By removing branches that are too close together, you lessen the risk of storm damage. Your trees will tolerate strong winds, even when fully leafed out. Best of all, that new growth will be vigorous and healthy.

Service From Top to Bottom

Sometimes, trees cannot be saved. Either they are diseased, or there is too much storm damage to allow the tree to thrive in the future. Our arborists will safely remove these trees and grind out the stump so your groundskeepers can keep the area mowed without hazards to themselves or their equipment.

If you currently have stumps that are sending up suckers or cluttering up the landscape, we can help. Our stump cleanup process includes grinding or removal, depending on the location and the size of the stump.

Your commercial property should instill a sense of confidence in your clients as they drive by your building. Call Curtis Point Tree Service in Spokane, WA today so we can add regular tree care to your schedule. You’ll see dramatic results in a short time!

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