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Tips for Decorating Your Outdoor Trees for the Holidays

A yard full of trees decorated with glimmering lights and ornaments can make anyone stop and stare in joy. If you’re thinking of decorating your trees for the holidays, there are ways to do it that are safe for both you and your trees.

Preparation Is Key

Before you hang a single light on your tree, you must prepare. First, it’s best to hang lights on a mature tree that can bear the weight. Measure the heights and diameters of your trees to help determine the number of lights that you need. Experts recommend about two hands width between each string of lights. Once you have determined the distance between each string of lights, divide the height of the tree by the distance and then multiply by the tree’s circumference. After that, make sure that the lights and extension cords are rated for outdoor use. Use a GFCI outlet to guard against shocks. You can even find portable ones.

Fix the extension cord at the base of the tree, and make sure it’s not in a place where it can be a trip and fall hazard. Turn the lights on before you put them on the tree to make sure that they all light up.

If you’re wrapping the lights around your tree, don’t wrap them to the point where they strangle the tree or injure its bark. Secure them with electrical tape or clips

What Not to Do

Never nail or staple lights to your trees. Nailing can damage not only the tree but the wiring, and this raises the risk of electrical fires. Turn the lights off when you go to bed or when you leave the house for a long period of time. Don’t try to hang lights on your tree with your bare hands. Use gloves, which protect you from splinters, resin, and sharp needles.

Take the lights off when the holiday season is over. It may be tempting to keep them on but removing them is safer for the tree. It also makes it easier to check the lights and make sure they’re in good shape for next season.

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Decorating the trees in your yard is a fun holiday tradition. By following the tips above, it can also be safe and hassle-free. Call us at Curtis Point Tree Service today for more tips on the best ways to decorate your trees for the holidays or to schedule tree services. We offer tree removal, trimming and pruning, and stump grinding, firewood bundles, emergency services.

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