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4 Good Reasons to Let a Professional Remove Your Tree Stump

If you’ve had a tree removed from your yard, it’s important to have the stump removed, too, even if the tree wasn’t that large. A stump is a trip-and-fall hazard and may even be a fire hazard. It’s also ugly, lowers the value of your property, and makes the space it takes up unusable. Its roots can still cause damage to your sewer pipes and other underground structures. Using a lawn mower around a stump is hazardous, and the stump attracts pests and diseases. Here are four reasons why it’s always best to have a professional arborist remove a stump.

1. Removing a Stump Is Dangerous

Most homeowners understand that taking down a large, old tree has its hazards, but taking out the stump the tree left behind can also be dangerous. Methods include trying to burn it out, pouring dangerous chemicals into it to dissolve or rot it out, wrapping chains around the stump and trying to drag it out with a car or truck, or renting equipment that the layperson has never used before. All these methods can lead to mishaps that are far more costly than the price of hiring a professional arborist who knows how to remove a stump safely.

2. A Professional Knows the Best Way to Remove a Stump

A professional assesses the area around the stump and determines the best way to take it out. The stump may be near underground wires or lines and require special care when removing it. You may even need permission from your municipal government or your homeowner’s association to take it out. An arborist can acquire whatever permissions are necessary.

3. A Professional Knows How to Use the Equipment

The very equipment used to remove tree stumps is dangerous to handle. It includes stump grinders, planers and splitters, chainsaws, axes, and maybe even a backhoe. A professional arborist knows how to operate this equipment safely.

4. An Arborist Will Clean Up After the Stump’s Removed

Even if a homeowner successfully removes the stump, there will be a lot of debris left. It’s uncommon for garbage collectors to come and clear away this debris, so the layperson has to find a way to get rid of loads of chips and shavings. Part of a professional’s job is to clean up after the stump is removed.

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A tree stump left on your property is unsightly and dangerous. Don’t risk your safety and the safety of others by trying to pull it out yourself. If you need stump removal service, call our arborists at Curtis Point Tree Service of Spokane, WA.

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