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Advancements in the Field of Stump Grinding

Tree removal can result in unsightly stumps being left on your property. Fortunately, a company that handles stump grinding can take care of remaining stumps for you. Stump grinding definitely takes some time, but advancements in the field have resulted in much more efficient processes. Keep reading to learn about some of the high-tech equipment that is changing the industry.

Remote-Controlled Grinders

Grinding down a stump can involve some risk due to the flying debris and sharp blades that move at high speeds. With this in mind, some companies have developed remote-controlled stump grinders. Tree service professionals can operate these machines from a safe distance. They won’t be too close to any debris that may fly as the result of the grinding process, and they won’t be putting themselves at risk by venturing into potentially uneven terrain. Instead, they can stay in safe places, keeping an eye on everything while they remotely control grinders.

GPS Guidance

Some stump grinders may be able to position themselves correctly after being given GPS coordinates. This ensures the proper placement of the machines before they get to work. This can reduce inefficiencies and ensure that the blades will be operating on stumps as opposed to rocks, dirt, plants, or other substances. If a grinder’s blades were to make a lot of contact with objects that aren’t stumps, they could potentially wear down more quickly. At the same time, they could inflict damage very quickly, potentially destroying landscaping and making terrain uneven.

Automatic Adjustments

Grinding down stumps can involve several variables. The terrain surrounding stumps could be uneven, and the stumps themselves could be uneven. It’s important to be able to adjust techniques and cutting angles when accounting for that. Some advanced stump grinders can automatically adjust themselves to keep working effectively, safely, and efficiently.

Enhanced Positioning

Some modern stump grinders, while still being operated by hand, can be adjusted in many ways without requiring any repositioning of the entire machines themselves. Just their grinding wheels can swing from side to side and be lifted or lowered, depending on the situation.

High-Quality Materials

Cutting wheels go through a lot, so they need to be made out of durable, strong materials. Many new stump grinders feature carbide teeth on their cutting wheels. These teeth are strong and sturdy, ready to work hard. Carbide, which is a mixture of carbon and a metal, is much stronger than steel, and it’s resistant to heat. As a result, it has the potential to last a long time.

New advancements are making the process of stump grinding safer and more efficient. If you need any assistance with stump grinding in Spokane, WA, contact us at Curtis Point Tree Service.

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