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Hanging arborist cutting branch with small saw.

What You May Have Never Considered About Your Arborist

You probably have never thought much about the guys and gals who come to trim your trees and double-check their health. Yet, arborists have a special connection with these stately plants. An arborist’s aim is to cultivate the beauty of trees. Tree care requires specific skills that go beyond pruning branches and fertilizing trees.

Arborists Are Professionals With Degrees

To become an arborist, candidates must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited university. Students take courses in biology and chemistry and must have at least one year of postgraduate work to become a Board Certified Master Arborist (BCMA) through an exam that tests students in four areas:

• Tree biology
• Tree management
• Safety practices
• Business management

Arborists Have Specializations

One-size-fits-all does not fit an arborist’s work. Usually, you’ll find arborists who specialize in specific aspects of working with trees. These include:

• Urban foresters responsible for planting and removing trees in public spaces
• Tree surgeons who focus on pruning and maintaining trees through the removal of dead branches and limbs
• Landscape architects, who plan and supervise outdoor spaces and the workers who maintain these areas
• Tree trimmers who remove dead or diseased branches to allow light to reach the center of the tree or those who remove limbs that interfere with power lines
• Tree shapers who use saws and other tools to mold tree shapes into various styles and sizes
• Tree climbers who use various methods to climb high into trees to perform various maintenance tasks

Arborists Must Have Licenses

Besides passing certification tests, arborists must obtain a license in the state where they work. This adds a second layer of authenticity to anyone who comes to your property to work on your trees.

Arborists Can Improve Your Property’s Aesthetics

Tree professionals are more than individuals who prune your trees. They can improve your property’s aesthetic design by making them as beautiful as possible. They know how to bring out the best features of your trees. Think of them as tree cosmeticians.

They Know Tree Language

Trees talk to each other to warn each other about impending dangers. You probably didn’t know that. Arborists know tree language and have learned how to interpret their behaviors. For example, trees under attack from insects can send signals to other trees in the area so they will shed leaves or fold them to protect themselves against attack. Arborists can interpret these signals.

Taking care of your trees all year round adds value to your property, making them healthier and more attractive. If you want the best care for your trees, such as trimming and pruning services, contact the professionals at Curtis Point Tree Service in Spokane, Washington. Our tree experts will take careful care of your trees and ensure their health and your safety.

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