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Stump of old birch tree on the lawn in the garden

Why Enlisting Professional Stump Grinding Services Could Be a Smart Move

When trees have been taken down on your property, you’ll be left with stumps. Stumps can be unsightly, and they can cause a variety of issues. It’s wise to have them professionally removed since the task can be very difficult and dangerous to handle on your own.

Problems Resulting From Stumps

If you don’t address old stumps, they could lead to major headaches. First, there’s the issue of them getting in the way. You’ll have to mow around them, plan your landscaping around them, and make sure you don’t trip on them. When you have guests over, they could possibly trip over the stumps, and having injured guests is certainly something you want to avoid.

Stumps can also encourage the proliferation of pests. Pests are always looking for new places to invade, and rotting stumps can be attractive because of the shelter and food sources they provide. Unfortunately, as the pests multiply, they may start to branch out and look elsewhere for food, and this could bring them into your home.

Further, stumps have roots that can actually stay active despite trees no longer being present. With some species, roots can even continue to grow after trees have been taken down, and suckers can sprout from them. While it’s not always a bad thing when sprouts and roots grow, it can be problematic in certain situations. Roots growing too close to your home can cause problems with your pipes, foundation, and patios, and suckers can be a nuisance when you’re trying to maintain a nice-looking lawn.

The Answer Is Stump Grinding

Stump grinding will get rid of stumps so that you don’t experience any of these problems. You won’t have any more tripping hazards or obstacles in your yard, and you won’t attract pests. Plus, when stumps are ground down enough, roots will decay more quickly than if the stumps were left untouched.

Keep in mind that it can be hard to grind stumps on your own. You’ll have to rent the heavy-duty equipment necessary for the job, and you’ll need to know how to handle everything. A lot of debris can get thrown around, so protective equipment for your body, face, and hands is required. When stump grinding, there’s a risk of getting seriously injured. To keep yourself safe, to protect your property, and to make things easier, it could be the best move to hire a professional team to handle your stump grinding.

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Stump removal can help you in multiple ways. It can improve the appearance of your yard and take care of potential hazards. Since the job can be difficult, consider reaching out for professional assistance. Curtis Point Tree Service is here to help anyone in Spokane, WA with stump grinding, so please call us today if you need help!

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