6 Tips for Frugal Tree Pruning

Hands with garden shears

Trees are a wonderful addition to any house or commercial building. They also need to be pruned to reduce the risk of damage from overgrowth. Aesthetics play a part in pruning as well since you want your trees to enhance your property’s value. Here, we offer six tips on pruning. 1. Prune in the Fall […]

Top Ways Preparing Your Trees for Storms Can Help You Save

Certainly, you have seen what trees look like when they have been damaged by storms. Branches are strewn all over the yard and in the street. If the storms are bad enough, the trees are toppled to the ground. When you prepare your trees for storms, you help them to remain strong to maximize their […]

Key Factors to Consider When Estimating the Cost of Stump Grinding

Breaking a tree stump with a cutter

The tree is gone, but that doesn’t mean the job is done. Stump grinding is necessary for completing the tree removal process, and accurately budgeting for it is essential to a successful job. Here are some factors that should be taken into consideration when estimating the cost of stump grinding: Size of the Stump The […]

Smart Landscaping: What It Is and Benefits

Gardener Shaping Plants Using Heavy Duty Garden Scissors. Spring Maintenance.

The space around our homes, businesses, and communities is becoming increasingly valuable. Smart landscaping effectively makes the most of this space and creates vibrant outdoor living areas. It combines modern technology with sustainable, eco-friendly practices to achieve your desired aesthetic while helping conserve resources and reduce water use. Below, we discuss what smart landscaping is […]

How to Take Care of Your Trees This Winter

View from window on snowstorm, storm, snowing weather with tree branches covered in snow in backyard, front yard with houses, road, street, residential neighborhood

The winter weather that comes to the Spokane region can be pretty extreme. The snow, wind, and cold temperatures that are associated with the season can be difficult for our trees to deal with. Trees can be quite strong, but sometimes, they need a little help. We’ve included a few tree care tips that you […]

Properly Trimmed Trees Can Save You Money

Trees fallen on house roof

Most homeowners know that keeping their trees trimmed is not only better for the trees but also protects their homes from potential damage caused by storms. When there’s a lot of wind, untrimmed and dead benches can become projectiles, causing serious and costly damage. But, then again, who wants to climb up and trim them? […]