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Commercial Tree Services Are a Summer Essential

Summer brings warmth and growth, but it also presents challenges that could compromise the health of your commercial trees. The season not only invites sunshine but also welcomes pests that can infest and damage your green spaces. Understanding the importance of proactive tree maintenance is key. Regular inspections and tailored pruning are essential practices to ensure your landscapes remain vibrant and resilient.

Regular Tree Inspections

Summer isn’t just a season of growth; it’s a time when commercial trees are most vulnerable to pests and diseases. Regular tree inspections are crucial in detecting early signs of trouble, from diseased branches to invasive insects. Professional arborists have the trained eye necessary to spot issues that might not be immediately obvious. Early detection allows for timely intervention and helps ensure that minor problems don’t turn into costly disasters. Keeping your trees inspected and healthy preserves their aesthetic appeal and bolsters the overall safety of your outdoor spaces.

Pruning Priorities for Commercial Properties

Pruning is important for maintaining the appearance of your trees, but it’s also vital for their health and safety. In the summer, when trees are in full leaf, they can become top-heavy and more susceptible to storm damage. Proper pruning helps to manage their shape and weight, promoting better airflow through the canopy and reducing the risk of storm-related damage. Additionally, strategic pruning is essential for controlling pests. By removing dead or vulnerable branches, you can limit the opportunities for pests to thrive and spread, protecting your trees from potential infestations.

Hydration and Nutrient Management

During the hot summer months, ensuring your commercial trees receive adequate water and nutrients is crucial for their health and growth. Trees can suffer from dehydration just as much as they can from pests and diseases, particularly in urban or landscaped environments where natural resources are scarce.

Proper irrigation techniques can make a significant difference. It’s important to water deeply and infrequently to encourage strong root development rather than shallow, frequent watering which can lead to weaker surface roots. Additionally, mulching around the base of trees can help retain soil moisture and regulate soil temperature, further promoting healthy growth.

Summer is also a critical time for nutrient management. A soil test can reveal deficiencies that might limit tree growth and vitality. Based on these results, a customized fertilization program can be developed to meet the specific needs of your trees, ensuring they have the necessary nutrients to thrive during the most stressful months of the year.

Call in the Local Tree Care Experts

While there are some minor maintenance tasks you can do yourself, keeping your trees healthy and looking great requires professional help. A tree care expert will ensure that your trees are properly pruned and free of diseases and pests. If you are in Spokane, WA or the surrounding area, call Curtis Point Tree Service for expert commercial tree services today.

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