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The Risky Business of Summer Tree Removal

During the warm summer months is when most people try to get different projects done in their yard. One thing you may want to do is remove a tree that you are having issues with. If this is the situation, keep in mind that tree removal is extremely dangerous. It’s something that should only be attempted by professionals.

Reasons to Remove a Tree in the Summer

While trees are usually beautiful things, they can sometimes become a problem. There are many reasons why you may want to remove a tree during the summertime. Trees can become damaged or wounded from things like strong weather, communicable disease, or insect infestation. When a tree is sick or dying, branches could fall off at any time and become a danger to your friends and family. If a tree is already dead, it can become an even bigger nuisance, and the entire trunk could come down.

Trees may also pose problems due to where they are situated. A tree’s roots can damage a home’s septic system or even its foundation. A tree too close to a house can fill up gutters with leaves and even break windows.

The Risks of Amateur Tree Removal

One thing you should be absolutely aware of is that tree removal on your own can be very dangerous. Unless, you are an experienced professional, the results can be absolutely disastrous. Damage to your home, serious injury, or even death are all possibilities.

Due to the complex physics involved as well as the knowledge required of tree structure and disease, an amateur will not know how to safely take down a tree. If the tree is cut at the wrong angle, the trunk could come down in an unexpected direction and destroy your home or kill someone. Even operating a chainsaw is not as easy as it seems. One mistake with a chainsaw can mean dismemberment or death. It’s simply not worth the risk.

The Rewards of Summer Tree Removal

There are certainly a lot of benefits to removing a problem tree during the summer. For one, doing so at this time will allow you to accomplish what you want with your family during the warmer days of the year. If you are worried that a dying or damaged tree could harm someone, it will no longer pose a threat after being removed. If you want to start on another project in your yard, removing the tree will give you the space you need to do so.

Despite these benefits, you should not remove a tree on your own. There are too many risks involved. Instead, you should always seek out seasoned professionals. If you live in the Spokane, WA area and need tree removal, just give us a call at Curtis Point Tree Service, and our highly trained experts will handle everything safely and efficiently.

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